The sole purpose of Friends of Nature Areas in Broward is to enable you to contribute something to help preserve our remaining natural legacy.

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Friends of Natural Areas is a work group of the Parks Foundation of Broward. Friends came together in 2016 for the sole purpose of saving the natural areas of Broward. The first objective of the group is to foster the development of a comprehensive plan to protect and restore natural areas on local public lands. Currently, Broward County Parks has seven staff and contracts for invasive plant removal, but this effort is woefully inadequate to stop the loss of native species and widespread degradation of our natural habitats. A comprehensive conservation plan will establish priorities, recommend methods, and estimate costs. The plan is being written with a goal of completion in 2017. This plan will emphasize a program of invasive removal and ongoing maintenance. It will compile conservation data to evaluate progress and monitor the health of natural areas over the long term. Having accomplished the plan, we will seek funds to fully implement it, roughly estimated to be $1,000,000, and appeal for the plan’s maintenance program to preserve the gains achieved. We are encouraging the Broward community – individuals, businesses, and foundations – to take part in protecting Broward’s natural areas and making them a pleasure to visit and a resource forever.

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We know many of you value nature in Broward as much as we do …
and that you, too, may want to protect the hidden beauty, diversity, and wonder of Broward’s wildflowers, butterflies, birds, bees, and natural places. Tell us what you are doing to help nature in Broward.  What you do may inspire others to do something, too. The Contact form below is an easy way for you to send us a note about what you are doing.

Individuals: Add your name and tell us what you are doing to help nature in Broward. If you want your contribution to be private (just for us to know, not to be retold), check the box, “Keep my name and story private.”

Organizations: If you are part of an organization doing good things for nature, tell us about it. Include the organization name and website. If you don’t want us to list your name, organization, and contribution on this site, but want us to know what you are doing, just check the box, “Keep my name and story private.”

If you want to contribute money for contracted invasive removal in Broward County natural areas under the supervision of the County, just say so and we’ll let you know how to do that. Contracted invasive removal is an essential specialized work by trained people that volunteers cannot do. We estimate that the 3,500 acres of Broward natural areas have about $1,000,000 of work that needs to be done now. Our comprehensive conservation plan, when completed, will include the County plan to maintain the gains achieved by public donations to save the natural areas. The Parks Foundation of Broward County is fiscal sponsor for the Friends of Natural Areas so that donations are tax-deductible under IRS provision 501(c)(3).

Contact: Richard Brownscombe, Chair of Friends of Natural Areas in Broward, Richard@Brownscombe.net 954-661-6289

Linda Briggs, Environmental Program Manager, Broward County Parks
Kristine Stewart
Brigitte Silver
Cheryl Devlin, Master Naturalist, Nature Photographer
Sarah Tobing
Anthony Thompson, Parks Supv., Broward Parks Maintenance Group Nth, Cert. Arborist
Paul Arena