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Contributions are tax-deductible under IRS provision 501(c)(3) of The Parks Foundation of Broward County, fiscal sponsor for the Friends of Natural Areas.

Contact: Richard Brownscombe, Chair of Friends of Natural Areas in Broward, 954-661-6289 (also President, Broward Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society)

Linda Briggs-Thompson, Environmental Program Manager, Broward County Parks
Kristine Stewart, ethnobotanist, African plant specialist, Broward College professor
Brigitte Silver, attorney
Cheryl Devlin, Master Naturalist, nature photographer
Anthony Thompson, Natural Area Environmental Maintenance Supervisor, Cert. Arborist
Paul Arena, Nova Southeastern University professor
Pat Howell, Natural Area Specialist, Broward County
Erik Eckles, Natural Resource Specialist, Broward County Parks
Eileen Pokorny, Scientific Technician
Theresa Alderman, Florida Master Naturalist, Zoologist (retired)