Photographers of Nature

Rare species, a diversity of plants and wildlife, and beautiful wild gems are hidden within the natural areas of Broward. The public is largely unaware of the importance and richness there. Perhaps this is why so little money is being invested to protect.

The Friends of Natural Areas would like to help publicize the natural beauty and interesting creatures in Broward, but we have very few photographs that capture the magic we find there.

Your still photographs, 6 second “live” photos, very short videos, short clips of (legal) drone flights, Instagram pics, and short high-quality sound clips of nature in Broward could awaken the public to what need to be protected.

Friends of Natural Areas will need your permission to use your photographs or sound clips only for the nonprofit promotion of Broward natural areas in order to save them. We will display work in an online gallery at and choose the very best work to promote Broward natural areas.

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