Broward County Parks and Recreation, Natural areas and nature programs

Map of Natural Lands in Broward County, Locate natural areas

City Natural Lands in Broward, Site descriptions

List of Broward County Parks, County natural area locations and descriptions

The Institute for Region Conservation, Natural area floristic inventories and conservation strategies

Natives for Your Neighborhood, Find native plants for landscaping to help nature including wildlife interactions (e.g., butterfly plants)

Broward Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, Plant identification, speakers, field trips, and sales

Rare Plants of South Florida: Their History, Conservation, and Restoration, George Gann, Keith Bradley, and Steve Woodmansee, published by the Institute for Regional Conservation

A Scientific Framework for Managing Urban Natural Areas, University of Florida IFAS Extension, EDIS

NatureScape Broward, Many nature and sustainability programs

Broward County Butterfly Chapter, Caring for butterflies in Broward

South Florida Audubon Society, local Audubon efforts and events

Audubon Native Plants Database, Find the native plants birds need to thrive

South Florida Wildlife Center, Rescue and education